Alter Ego Manifesto

Rhett Tsai

Creation media and date
Facial capture interactive installation, 2020

Alter Ego Manifesto is the latest experiment with “virtual avatar” by the artist. This work consists of a manifesto text and a facial capture system that can be interacted by using viewers’ faces to controll the face and the sound of the avatar. “Facial control” is the central entry point throughout this work, which discusses the nature of the alter ego and the virtual avatar.
In the system built by the artist using face capture and sound programs, the avatar will continue to read the manifesto written by the artist himself, and the viewer will control the avatar’s face using an iPad, causing the avatar’s actions and sounds to waver and dislocate from their original paths. This situation leads to the artist’s thoughts on the antagonism between the alter ego and the controller.
Alter Ego Manifesto is a media art experimental based on the practice of the “alter ego”, and it is also a reflection on the current trend of virtual idols and digital humans.