As Paranoia Comes to a Poem

Rhett Tsai

Creation media and date
VR hypertext, 2018

As Paranoia Comes to a Poem is a hypertext work created with virtual reality (VR) as the medium.
Using VR to do hypertext works is the exploration and innovation for hypertext nowadays.
The author proceeded from the relationship between space and text and made hypertext reading experiments in VR. It explores consciousness of paranoia in the post-modern, the anxiety and evolution of the digital community in the 21st century, the symbiosis between people and cyberspace, and the fragmentation and interaction of current information. In this work, the user / reader walks in the text matrix with the VR controller, reads with the VR headset, interacts with the text, and triggers text content replacement. Taking the spatial textual interaction as the base point, the author allows the reader to obtain the author’s power in this reading / writing space, and let reader reconstruct and write the hypertext narrative in his walking.
The “Paranoia” here is the “Paranoia” in the sense of Thomas Pynchon. It is a form of acceptance and ideology of post-modern people in the face of information, hyperlinks, and cyberspace. This symptoms-like name, “Paranoia”, is nothing but a metaphor. When one becomes a paranoiac, he begins to actively seek connections, maintains doubts about information and text, and pays more attention to his power and participation in this writing space.
The text describes the fragmented mind of ​​a 21st century paranoiac and the narrative statement of the paranoiac from a third person perspective. Each text has the intertextuality. The viewer reads the text by walking through space by triggering the hyperlink in VR space.
Reading methods: (1) Press the direction disk of the VR controller to move; (2) Look at the text via VR headset and use the VR controller trigger to trigger the hyperlink to jump from one text to another text.




作者从空间、文本的关系出发,在VR中进行超文本阅读实验。它探讨后现代的妄想意识、廿一世纪数码群体的忧虑与演化、人与赛博空间的共生、当下信息的破碎与互涉。在该作品中,用户/ 阅读者用VR手柄行走于文本矩阵内,用VR头盔观看、与文本产生交互,触发文本内容更替。作者以空间的文本互涉为基点,让读者在空间中获得作者的权力,在行走中重构、书写超文本叙事。