Rhett Tsai (Yuxiao Cai) is a new media artist and experimental-game developer based in Hangzhou, China. He was born in 1995 in Ningde, China. Currently, he is a lecturer of Open Media Department at China Academy of Art.

Based on China’s unique Internet ecosystem and media society, Rhett’s interests include art and technology, cyberculture based on China, smart cities, and hypertext. His work spans multiple fields including experimental game, virtual reality, computer animation, and sound to express his critical reflection on the media society here and now. His current focus is on the use of video games as a method to tap into the diaspora, wandering, and nostalgia of individuals living under multiple historical narratives.

As a game developer, his work How Deep Is the Dark Water? was a finalist for the “Excellence in Visual Art” at IGF 2023.

As a new media artist, his works have been exhibited at various international art festivals, such as The Wrong Digital Art Biennale (Online), Internationales Digitalkunst Festival (Germany), Utopian Dystopia Festival (India), International Intermedia Art Festival (China), Kortrijk Design Week (Belgium), FutureLab (China) and so on. Rhett’s works have also been exhibited at international venues such as China National Museum of Art, Macao Museum of Art (Macao), West Bund Museum (Shanghai), Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), Times Art Museum (Beijing), OCAT Institute (Beijing), etc. As one of the eight selected leading international contemporary artists, his works were invited by the inaugural Binance NFT Marketplace Premium Event for Contemporary Art Auction to participate in the auction. Rhett’s works are collected by Times Art Museum (Beijing), Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), and CAA Art Museum (Hangzhou).

Rhett holds his MFA degree in the Centre for Chinese Visual Studies at China Academy of Art, and BA degree in Open Media Department at China Academy of Art.



作为一名游戏开发者,蔡氏的作品《乌水有多深?》曾入围2023年 IGF 美国独立游戏节「最佳视觉艺术奖」。

作为一名新媒体艺术家,蔡氏的作品参与多个艺术展览馆、学术研究机构及国际媒体艺术节,包括比利时科特赖克设计周、The Wrong数字艺术双年展、德国IDKF国际数字艺术节、印度科契Utopian Dystopia艺术节、中国美院国际跨媒体艺术节、中国美术馆、澳门艺术博物馆、上海西岸美术馆、上海多伦现代美术馆、北京时代美术馆、北京OCAT研究中心等。作为入选的八位国际当代艺术家之一,他的作品被首届Binance NFT Marketplace Premium Event for Contemporary Art Auction邀请参加拍卖。蔡氏的作品被北京时代美术馆、上海多伦现代美术馆、中国美术学院美术馆收藏。