Footprints, Passing Shadows, and Booms

Rhett Tsai

Creation media and date
AI film, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an important weapon of war. The widespread use of kamikaze drones, which are based on huge amounts of facial data and equipped with object detection and recognition capabilities, has turned the Russo-Ukrainian war since 2022 into a shocking “AI drone war” that is reshaping the shape of human conflict. Ironically, the war has also presented technology companies with a valuable opportunity for experimentation; here, AI is not responsible for “talking intelligently”, but rather for making “lethal decisions” that do not involve human emotions.
This project is an AI-created film that captures a wide range of walking tour internet videos shot in Kiev and Moscow, battlefield images, and drone strike footage released by some of the manufacturers and suppliers of FPV drones used in the Russo-Ukrainian war. With the help of the Diffusion generative AI model, various LoRA models trained on suicide drone footage and battlefield images are applied to the walking tour videos, where the content of multiple images is disassembled, reassembled, and fused multiple times. In this way, the project attempts to extend a more comprehensive view of the current state of the world, connecting different levels of “reality” that exist in everyday space.
What is the difference between a private car on a city street and a military vehicle bombed by a drone? Is there anything in common between the lens of a smartphone or camera filming a walking tour and the lens of a drone? Who holds the truth, the quiet and peaceful walking tour video or the creepy drone footage? The film serves as a tool of revelation and prophecy, re-proposing the relationship between machine and man in a direct and ironic way.




人工智能(AI)正在成为重要的战争武器。对基于巨量面部数据并装配物体检测与识别的功能的自杀式无人机(kamikaze drone)的广泛使用,使得2022年以来的俄乌冲突成为一场惊世骇俗的「人工智能无人机战争」,人类的冲突形态正在被重塑。讽刺的是,战争也同时带给科技公司宝贵的实验机会;在这里,人工智能不负责「聪明地对话」,而是做出不参杂人类情感的「致命的决定」。
本作品是一段使用人工智能创作的影像,作品截取大量拍摄于基辅及莫斯科的 walking tour 城市漫步观光网络视频、实地战场画面以及由部分投入俄乌战争的 FPV 无人机制造商与供应商所发布的无人机破坏录像。在 Diffusion 生成式人工智能模型的帮助下,以自杀无人机的录像与战场画面训练而成的多种 LoRA 模型被应用到关于 walking tour 的视频中,多段影像的内容被多次拆解、重组与融合。通过这一方式,作品尝试延伸出关于当下世界状况的更加全面的视角,将存在于日常空间中的不同层面的「真实」连结起来。
城市街道上的私家车与被无人机轰炸的军用车辆有何不同?同样是机器之眼,拍摄 walking tour 影片的智能手机或相机的镜头和无人机的镜头有共通之处吗?静谧与祥和的 walking tour 视频与充满杀机的无人机录像谁拥有真相?本项目的影片作为揭示与预言的工具,将机器与人的关系以一种直接和反讽的方式重新提出。